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Currently Offering:

  • 1:1 Health Consultations
  • 30-day Healthy Living Program
  • Reiki Sessions (distance + in-person)
  • Professional Trainings

Holistic nutrition, detoxification, natural hormone balancing and more combine to awaken the body’s innate healing response, regardless of past stressors, trauma or disease.

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Service Descriptions

The Herbal Consultation

The herbal consultation is designed to help you understand which herbs and supplements are beneficial for your specific symptoms and concerns. This service does NOT include a medical/health history review and is not a replacement for the initial or follow-up functional medicine consultation. The Herbal Consultation also helps you understand possible drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions to help you more safely and successfully use natural medicine.   Custom herbal blending service is included, if needed (does not include the cost of actual herbal formulas recommended). Book this service using the scheduler on this page.

The Functional Medicine Consultation

The functional medicine consultation begins with an initial visit, with subsequent follow-up visits to be scheduled as needed. The initial consultation is required for new clients and includes an in-depth look at your total health history and health goals. A complete review of symptom patterns, lifestyle, nutrition, and emotional/mental/spiritual health patterns will be explored as we ask specific questions and actively listen to your concerns and desires. A full lab/bloodwork review is included with this service, as your practitioner will help you decipher lab values and what they mean as they relate to your current health. Please complete and return the New Client Intake Form at least 2 full days before your scheduled appointment.

For most clients, we recommend follow-up consultation two to three weeks later. At this point, you have likely begun taking herbal formulas, supplements, and making dietary or lifestyle changes. Your follow-up consultation will allow you to check in regarding your progress and will give us an opportunity to make any necessary adjustments with your customized health plan.

The number of follow-up visits will vary depending on your individual health needs and goals. For general wellness, two to three follow-up visits are recommended. For chronic or more complicated health concerns, more visits may be necessary. Book this service using the scheduler on this page.

30-day Healthy Living Program

Whether you enroll by yourself or with a group of friends, we provide complimentary health coaching for those who enroll. Our coaching occurs in a small, private group setting via the app Voxer. Research has consistently shown that daily support and accountability help you reach your goals faster and more effectively. Visit the shop to enroll and purchase your 30-day products today!

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing for stress reduction, relaxation and the promotion of deep healing. Reiki can address and support mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being and is administered by a trained Reiki practitioner. While Reiki is typically described as the “laying on of hands,” the practitioner does not need to actually touch the client. Divine healing energy is channeled through the practitioner into the client, and because of this, It is also often performed over the distance. Healing is healing and does not need to be confined to a treatment room.

Professional Trainings

Professional Training in Herbal Medicine

For those who aspire to take their beginning level of herbal knowledge to the next level, our professional training classes may be the perfect fit. We offer an introductory and advanced level course in person and exclusively online, so you can find a format that fits your lifestyle and logistical needs. Please give us a call to learn more or enroll in one of these super fun and engaging classes!